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Our Services

Balayage (pronounced: BAL-ee-AHZGE)  

It is a technique used to create soft, blended looks, it in itself is not a specific color pattern or look. Balayage technique can be used to create a wide variety of desired outcomes, from soft and subtle highs and lows, to bright and bold blondes.  This service is best for clients seeking a blended hair color, with some natural root, that is low maintenance (touch ups 4-8 months)

Highlights ( sometimes written as Hi Lites )

If you want to see lightness from root to tip, whether it is a head full of baby lights or bold ribbons of lightness, highlights is your go-to.  This service can be extremely diverse depending on desired outcome, so always make sure to discuss goals with your stylist.  (touch ups 6-10 weeks)

Extensions ( adding length or fullness, or both )

Extensions can be used to create long, beautiful hair, but they can also be used to create even fullness throughout ones hair, add color that might not otherwise be achievable, or compliment existing length and color by adding a touch of fullness. 

There are a variety of application methods for extensions including, but not limited to Tape-Ins, and Sew-in wefts. At MC and Co we are proud to offer both of these methods. Chat with your stylist to learn which technique is the best option for your hair and your goals. (maintenance 6-10 weeks)

Hair Cuts (short to long and everything in between)  

 Every head of hair is unique. Texture, density, hair diameter, head shape, and styling habits all play a role in the way our hair lives. Let us help you achieve your desired shape and length by taking each of these key factors into consideration when we shape and sculpt your style.

(recommended trims 4-10 weeks)

Formal Styling (Bridal, prom, etc)  

We would love to be a part of your big day.  Whether it be prom, or the day your commit to the love of your life, we are here for you! Our talents bridal stylist(s)  can help enhance your own unique beauty by creating a style that is perfect for you. ( book your trial today)

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